Prototyping In Wax, Nylons, Metals, and Plastics.

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Get Your Hands On Your Bright Idea or Design

Our computer software allows new product concepts to come to life through the services including AutoCAD, Inventor & Gibbs. The finished prototypes are available in a variety of excellent finishes and materials such as wax, nylons, metals, and plastics.

Prototyping is an excellent means to bring your engineering, design, production and quality teams together to produce a better, more competitive product.

Prototype Your Next Idea. Make Your Design Real

A physical prototype allows you to:

  • Improve communication between departments and existing and/or future clients
  • Improves feedback
  • Reduces the time frame between conception to production
  • Allows a hands-on visualisation at the design stage to correct flaws/errors prior to manufacture
  • Develop product features and review moving parts

Reduce production and re-tooling cost for product changes